Super spreadingꞏ High sticking-wettingꞏQuicker penetration

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ꞏ By LSM - Lipophilic Small Molecule technology, the LSM 701 tank mixing Adjuvant has super spreading, stronger wetting,higher sticking and quicker penetrating.

ꞏ Within 5-10minutes, it will bring the pesticides,fungicides and fertilizer into plant tissue, high temperature or rain in a short time after application won’t cause damage or 2nd application.

ꞏ Differs from other adjuvants, it can penetrate the wax layer of the leaves even the stems without any damage to leaves or stems.

Application and Dosage

ꞏ Used as tank mixing adjuvant for various pesticides (herbicides, insecticides, fungicides) EC (emulsifiable concentrate) , SC (suspension concentrate), EW (Emulsion in Water), ME (micro-emulsion), SL (soluble liquid) formulations.

ꞏ Killing spider mites, thrips, aphid,etc. 500 dilution by foliar spray, or 1000-2000 dilution with proper pestidies.

ꞏ As tank mixing adjuvant - 1000 to 2000 dilution by foliar spray.

ꞏ By aerial spray, 300ml /hectare for general filed crops, and 750ml/hectare for fruit trees.

Unique merits

1. High Safety

2. Eco-friendly killing effect

3. Apply to aerial spray

4. Excellent performance in spreading,wetting, sticking and Quicker penetrating(within 5-10 minutes, no afraid of rains).

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